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You have no choice,
You cannot choose...
All of our Heroes,
Shall one day lose.
Some may Hope,
And others Pray...
They are only safe,
In the light of Day.

For when the Sun sets,
To slumber and sleep...
Out of the Darkness,
My Kindred shall creep.
So hide yourselves well,
Get thee to bed...
The Day is for Mortals,
The Night for the Dead.

We lurk in the Shadows,
We live in the Dark...
Only Creatures of Twilight,
Know of the Voices we Hark.
We are the Immortal ones,
On me Time has no toll...
Our bodies are Dead,
And Damned be my Soul.

When my Time has come, I will burn in the Fire...
Such is the cruel Fate, of a solitary Vampyre.

Inferiority Complex

So many lies I have been told.
Will I know the truth before I am too old?
Or will I waste my life away,
Holding on to memories, being led astray,
From the purpose of this existence.

By me of course they expect no resistance.
But you must be trusted by
the ones that say they love you.
Because inevitably they will abuse
and turn their backs on you.

And then...
The End.

Contradiction In Terms

Call me strong
And I want to cry.
Cold and unfeeling
And I want to die.

It's a common misconception
Between my image and me.
I have no true affiliation
With the person that you see.

You can't understand me
I'm cruel and I'm kind.
I see so much that
sometimes I go blind.

I'm deaf from the sound
of a thousand screams.
I don't hear them by day
but at night in my dreams.

I'm not surrounded by walls
But in a jail still.
You say I'll be so much better
If I just take this little pill.

You are all out to get me
like infectious little germs.
I'm not insane damn you
Just a contradiction in terms.

Decisive Confusion

I loved him yesterday, hate him today;
When my mind is satisfied, my heart starts to stray.
I'm afraid to love you, in the future I see;
I'll have you and hold you but yearn to be free.

My life consists of daydreams; daydreams and sleep;
In side my thoughts where you always creep.
I am haunted constantly by feelings and fears;
Confused and unsure, I cry silent, dry tears.


My DarkAngel I still find you at my side;
Through the tumult of emotional confusion,
The crushing of my precious illusion,
It was you who wiped away the tears I cried.

You comfort me love, and make no complaint;
Held in your arms, safe in your embrace,
My friend and my equal, we stand face to face,
Yet my DarkAngel, to me thou art a saint.

You speak of love without fear, you know this is no game;
With such patience you wait, to know how I feel,
Always assuring your love for me is real,
But already I know I feel the same.

Iím so insecure, and you can be so damn clever;
If this match will work, who can tell?
Even for a moment in heaven, or an eternity in Hell,
I wish to be yours, DarkAngel, now and forever.


Have you ever been surrounded by people
And never felt more alone?

Ever looked at your face in a mirror
And wondered if it was your own?

Ever screamed out loud
Or whispered a heartfelt sigh?

Ever punched a wall in anger
Been so frustrated you could cry?

And Iíll ask just one more question
Then I wonít say another word;

When I speak do you listen
Or does my message go unheard?

I Don't

No, I don't play.

My childhood was long ago taken away;
It seems maturity is here to stay;
The ignorant teenager going astray.

No, I don't sing.

My voice is tired and my heart in pain;
Away from the fire, out in the rain;
Losing everything I thought I could gain.

No, I don't cry.

Love is gone, it waved good-bye;
No more reasons to even try;
All you can do is ask yourself why.

No, I don't smile.

Got the blade pushed to my back;
My little train has jumped the track;
It's like taking a block from the bottom of the stack.

No, I don't care.

Always asking when and where;
Done this, done that, yeah, I've been there;
I'll pull the trigger, I'll take the dare.

Dream Infusions

I pinch myself but don't wake up;
What kind of dream is this?

Help me come back to life;
Get me out of this dark abyss.

So cold, so cruel, so out of control;
This dark ,twisted world I'm in.

Here life is barely worth living;
Because living is the greatest sin.

Wake me up
Save my soul
Get me out of this endless hole!

This isn't real, I'm not alive;
This is too fantastic for life.

The blood, the tears, the scars and cries;
It hits my chest like a cold steel knife.

Yawn and stretch
Come alive
And what do I see before my eyes

No, this isn't right, the violence and pain;
From the blue skies into the fire I fell.

I begged to be woken from heaven;
I can't escape this true hell.

Let me back into my dream world;
I can't take the screams I hear.

Too naive and now my innocence;
Exposed me to my worst fear.

Let me have my dreams
Nothing is ever how it seems
Think you know what is false and what's true?
Face it, you don't have a damn clue.

Let me dream.

Interrogative Thinking

Mental infusions
Psychopathic delusions
Fantastic illusions
Can you tell me what is real?

Anger and frustration
Pupil dilation
Emotional concentration
Can you tell me how to feel?

A lack of awareness
Being weak, being careless
My confusion I must confess
Can you help numb the pain?

Comfort from the tears I cry
Peace would be to no longer try
What would it matter if I die?
So tell me, who's to blame?

Reading Between The Lines

Once upon a time,
The air was fresh and clean.
Once upon a time,
Peace wasn't just a dream.

But the fairy tale delusions,
of childhood have slipped away.
We have been mentally violated,
By what the world has chosen to say.

Quality banished in the name of progress,
Tranquility stripped from our souls.
Detached from our minds, chained to our graves,
Forced to dig our own holes.

Few can try to break these bonds,
They are called mad; Labeled mentally insane.
And it seems I am the first to observe,
That when we lose we gain.

FairyTale Dreams

I am certainly not an innocent
And far from being naÔve.
I know how wise men think;
How passionate lovers touch,
And how being a woman feels.

But at night I dream of a FairyTale love.
A prince and white horse,
That will carry me far away.
To hold, be held, and never let go.
It's true, childish ignorance is bliss.

I'm not exactly a damsel in distress,
I've been alone most of my life.
But I'm so tired of daily struggles
I need someone to lean on;
To tell me to never give up.

So tonight I'll dream of a fairy tale love.
Of a strong brave warrior,
From an exotic far away land,
That will take me from this monotonous life,
And together ride into the night.

Sweet Dreams.


I don't want you in my life,
Yet you steal into my dreams.

I don't know what is real,
I don't know how to feel,
Nothing is ever really how it seems.

I don't need the strife,
Or the confusion and pain you bring.

still want to see you again,
No longer care if I lose or I gain,
Through my tears I will sing.

You're cutting my heart out with your cold knife,
Closed your eyes and blindly threw the dart.

Now I'm standing in the dark,
On me you left your mark,
Satisfied my lust and paid with a broken heart.


A solid wall of cold slabs of stone.
Impenetrable by simplistic or complex emotion.
Who see tears as cold indifferent comforters
And never allowed herself the warmth of a gentle

Of the war raging around her, within her.
Wishing for the shelter of another's embrace.
Yet not giving in to her longing, her weakness
Standing solitaire, the fearless one governed by her

Detached, with a lack of interest, desire.
It is a mask of apathy that is worn on her face.
And yet fierce eyes consumed by a fire of passion
An insatiable hunger for life, for love, for the

A danger in the true reality she faces.
Now, when the real world becomes so implausible.
Making fantasy and truth become indistinguishable
And only the mad see the line between the sane and

So she stands in isolation.
Weary of the battle between herself and the world;
Her heart and her mind.

Seeming so placid.

Yet simmering with a barely restrained lust.
That demands to hear and be heard
To touch and be touched
To see and be seen
To understand...
And be understood.

Never Forgotten

What made the time go?
Passing right before my eyes

What made the river flow?
Onward moving out of sight

Who was that strange man?
He gave me a pill and knew my name

Why is it getting so dark?

Shadows creeping out to get me
Winds are howling, crying, weeping.
Confused and alone in the night
I want to go home, no strangers tonight.

What made the days pass?
They were gone before I realized

What made the clouds soar?
High above my outstretched hand

Who was that mysterious man?
He gave me a pill and knew my name

Why is the sky crying?

Light mist falling all around me
Teardrops falling, colliding, landing.
On the damp grass and cold ground.
If my mind is lost how can I be found?

What made the stars shine?
Twinkling in his dark sad eyes

What made the moon so high?
Like a beacon in the night

Who was that strange man?
He gave me a pill and knew my name

Where did the night go?

One Day

I tell myself "no"
To keep my feelings inside
I try and hide
But they won't be denied.

I tell myself "stop"
That I don't need you
But I don't want to
Be with out you.

So I simply say "hush"
Keep it inside my head
And slip off to bed
One day it will be said.

What will you say
What will you do
When I tell you
I want you.

Will you smile
And say "I know
I have needed you so"
In a voice hushed and low?

Or will you just sigh
And with a slight frown
Turn my world upside down
And turn away with a groan?

So instead I say "hush"
Keep it inside my head
And slip off to bed
One day it will be said.

Solid Care

I don't know what to do
Or what to say to comfort you.

I hope you know I am here
With a helping hand
To catch you when you fall
To steady you when you stand.

I know you are hurting
She left you in so much pain
But I will always be near you
In brightest sunlight, darkest rain.

I'm not trying to replace
Let me plead my case.

No one knows how you loved her
Only you know how you feel.
But look at her true self
And decide from false and real.

Friendship's Curse

Please don't tell me about friendship
And how close we have become.
In my eyes, when you are around
You are not nearly close enough.

Can you see the difference in me?
Have you looked into my eyes?
Seen the confusion and the longing
That I so poorly try to hide?

When we brush by sometimes
Or maybe we share a hug.
I start to get a feeling
And it's certainly not brotherly love.

I heard you have your eye
On someone you adore;
Sure, I'll talk to her for you
What, after all, are friends for?

Questioning Thought

I wonder
About times and lands
Of long ago.

But I ponder strange things.

Did the moon show as bright?
Was the breeze this soft?
Did the night hum a gentle lullaby to those sleeping in it?
Was there truly magic in the air?

I wonder
Wonder about people
And what they are thinking.

But I ponder such strange things.

Do they see the world the way I do?
Is there someone out there for each of us?
Do they know what life is truly all about?
Are they able to see what I see?

I wonder
About myself
And what I really want.

Will I ever be happy, truly happy?
Should I just stay alone?
Will I ever be important to someone else?
Should I even try anymore?

But I ponder
Such strange things.

Small Packages

From a tiny seed
A forest floods the land.
Everything within it
Treasured and held in balance.

And from a simple band of gold
A lifetime of love may blossom.
With true love they grow old together
Partners forever in life's Great Dance.

And from the most insignificant words
A writer's message will flow eternally.
Never lost in confusing human interpretation
Holding strong throughout the ages.

And as this reflection shows us
Some things we cannot deny.
The old saying indeed holds true
Good things come in small packages.


Flickering Flare
So powerful in the night.

Smoldering Shame
For the deeds done out of sight.

Lingering Pain
From the wound brought by the knife.

Peacefully Lain
Out in death, unlike his life.

And the stake came down
The night only hearing the sound
Of his screams after death
And the sight from the soul that has left.

And the hunter turns
Another demon she his rid from this place.
But she is being followed
By a silent, pale face.

Another life is given to the dark;
and my kindred she will no longer stalk.

Memory... and Loss

I remember
An ice blue sky
Sun rays of brass
And green velveteen grass
Where we rolled together

I still see
The sparkling stream
That I pushed you into
And you pulled me in
Returning like a pleasant dream

I recollect
When the moon was high
That starry night
When you held me tight
And promised to never let go

I still see
That stormy day
When we shouted and fought
I could have died
When you went away

I know now
How foolish I was
To let you go
I did not know
That I needed you so much.



From a single candle
Illuminates the room
The dark is gone
For now.


Floats softly from speakers
And slips into my thoughts
The silence is gone
For now.

But I am still alone.
But I am still content.

The music is gone now
The only sounds I hear
Are the occasional flicker
Of the flame on the wick
And the slight scratch
Of a tired pen on paper.

The flame is gone now.
And now the pen moves
By moonlight searching
For lines, Searching for
order in the jumbled
mind the words come from.

And another story is told.
Before the pen, paper, and writer
Finally rest, tired and cold.

Easy Come, Easy Go

Been thinking overtime,
I'm gonna lose my mind,
My heart is on the line.
Soul searching doesn't pay,
My conscience is in the way,
Life is so dull and gray.

And you know something's wrong,
when you keep playing that same old song;
You know you're on the brink,
when silence makes you think;
And it's way too fucking dense,
when Axl Rose starts making sense.

I'm sitting here all alone,
I should have thought, should have known,
This cold bed is my throne.
I'll just keep thinking about you,
'Bout what I should say and do,
In the moments with you that are so few.

Patience is the Key,
I know you don't care for me,
My mind knows but my heart won't see.
I'll dream about your kiss,
Your touch is my only wish,
You're the light in my dark abyss.

And you know something's wrong,
when you keep singing that same song;
You know you're on the line,
when you analyze everything for a sign;
When you act like everything is fine...
I just wanna make you mine.

I didn't win, I'm not to blame,
hell, at least I am still in the game.
Maybe she is the best thing to happen to you,
or maybe you and I aren't quite through.

And you know,
you know something's wrong,
when you keep playing the same old song;
And you know you're on the brink,
when silence is too loud to think;
I'll just pretend everything is fine...
I never really wanted you to be mine.


Psst...behind you.
I am the child you gave life to.
The one you handed to paid hands
And told those hands to care for me.
And the lady in the clean white uniform
Held me when I cried.

You told me to go play.

Here I am, in the corner.
I am the girl you never noticed
The one you brushed by after school
To watch the cheerleaders
to dance with the Homecoming Queen
No one held me when I cried

You told me to go away.

Look above you.
I am the woman you all created.
The one that rose beyond your ignorance
no longer held back, now strong and free
No longer being denied the insatiable thirst for life
I don't cry anymore.

And here I shall stay.


"Logic and Proportion Have Fallen Bloody Dead"

My head swims
Consciousness drifting on a sea of jumbled thoughts.

The colors merge
Unknown hues and combinations form in my eyes.

A deep breath
Frigid air helps me clear the demons from my mind.

And the world fades away
as a tendril of smoke
slithers around me
into the serpent
choking me
paralyzing my senses.

Another breath
and it changes
into a ribbon
Satin that glides
smoothly off me
sending a sudden
chill down my spine
a pang of loss
in my heart.

The vision blurs
And now I am back in my small circle of friends.

The breeze hits me
Reality becomes painfully clear and my head aches.

The fire flares
And I shield my eyes from the light while muttering...

"Good trip, man"

Few Words I

You smile, and the day brightens.

You laugh, and the world seems happier.

You cry, and I want to cry beside you.

How grand true love can be.

How much greater it would be,

If you didn't love her instead of me.

Few Words II

I want you but you cannot see it.
I need you but you cannot hear the words.
I love you but you do not care.

And my tears fall because you cannot see them.
I whisper your name because you will not hear.
And I love you More.

But you still do not care.


You say you love me
And that is fine
But I can't say it in return
Because I don't think it exists
Between you and I

Have you ever seen me cry?
Have you ever wiped my tears?
When have you taken away my fears?

Have you ever see me laugh?
When have you ever truly shared my joy?
Have you noticed I am more than a toy?

You misinterpret love for fondness
A simple mistake, but please realize
We don't know each other yet
So before you go and jump the gun
Know that your feelings are not mine.

My New Drug

You say you like me baby
Yeah, and I like my dog.
You say so many things
I can't tell what's the truth.

Am I really what you live for
Or just a passing phase?
I'm hanging on to your every word
Analyzing, searching for clues.

I'm addicted to you honey,
You're my newest drug.
I've never been so high before
So far you haven't let me fall.

I'm hungry for you, sweetheart
An' I tremble when you are around
This is no withdrawal I'm going through
I wanna OD on your love.


Oh you poor baby
You dear misguided child
She fucked around on you did she
Did your sweet angel turn wild?

And now you can't live without me
Do 'ya really need me in your life?
No thanks, hun, really
I can do without the strife.

You're sorry that you left me
You're sorry for the pain
But your best friend keeps the bed warm now
So you can stay out in the rain.

Now you wonder how I can do this to you
It's not your fault she was a witch
Well, life's not fair and guess what else
Paybacks are a bitch.

What Comes Around Goes Around

Don't you dare talk down to me
Don't tell me I'm insane
You think that for your problems
Everyone but you is to blame

I'm sick of your assumptions
An' tired of your lying.
Always spying on your lover
Why don't ya quit your crying?

Sorry, I'm right on this one.
I know exactly what I'm saying.
You didn't invent the heartache
Stop whining and complaining.

So what, fool, he left you
The way you act I'm not surprised
It seems your intended traps and plots
Didn't work as you devised.

The Love Thing

Nervous smiles and a quick laugh
My insecurity is getting the best of me.
A quick glance and then I look away
Where this will lead I guess we'll see.

Growing braver, more courageous each time
The brush of fingers, a lingering touch
I gaze into your eyes, looking searching
Lips meet and I know I have missed so much.

A deep kiss and we break away
You know how it felt, so why tell you this?
My mind didn't want me to fall
But I was lost in your eyes, controlled by your kiss.

Healing a jagged wound...
Or starting a new one?

Untouched Innocence

See through a child's eyes
Be naive, be innocent today.
Chase butterflies, run through fields
And do nothing but sleep and play.

Close your eyes, listen to the music
And fly far far away.
Walk in the land of fantasy
Reality can use you some other day.

Paradox of Life

90 degrees and it's raining
Yet another paradox of life.

Love is never without passion
Without pain, without strife.

Deserts of white diamond sands
Turn into cold crystal ice.

Its dunes frozen in time
Past and future no longer suffice.

Only the present holds the truth
Experience dispels fiction.

Human nature is killing nature
And we live without conviction.


The silence deafens me.
I stare into a star-filled night.
The lunar goddess casts her glow
Over her domain of darkness.
The void is broken by my sigh.

A cool breeze rouses the trees,
And my dulled senses to life.
A stream of water, never ceasing to flow,
Runs slowly on, forever coming and going.
A quiet observer, I passively watch.

Some say the night is dead, asleep,
Only I know that it is truly alive.
Some things are better left unknown.
And I stand solitary against the world.
Some people are better left alone.

Of peaceful times, they dream.
I know true peace in the night.
Of happiness through the things they own
I possess nothing, and am carefree.
Of more of these nights
Are what I dream.

Illusions and Delusions(Of the First Kind)

Stop Talking. Touch me.
Words are only spoken.
If I can feel you, I can understand.

Let me see you.
Voices can only be heard.
If I can see you, I can believe.

You say you know me so well.
You say we are meant for one another.

Why can't you give me what I desire?
Why can't you understand I need more?

Words are so dispassionate.

I want to touch. Explore without intrusion.
I want to be touched. Explored without violation.

If you cannot give me that,
How do I know that you are really there?


Please just hold me,
Say "It'll be OK".
Just don't leave me now;
I'm begging you to stick around
Don't start to walk away.

I feel so out of place;
Everything is upside down.
All I know is that you are here;
Help me overcome my fear.
I am lost and must be found.

Sit beside me and hold me close;
I have to feel your touch.
Can I borrow your strength?
Only in you do I have total faith.
I think I love you, far too much.

Speaking Of Love

I think it's time we realized
I think it's time we see
The flames that warm our hearts
Are yearning to be free.

We've let our minds rule our hearts
We've let our insecurities reign
Mistakes from the past dwell
Make us sacrifice happiness
In fear of pain

I don't know about you
Or what you want from me
But what I'm feeling is true
And I am starting to see
That what I want to do
Is take you in my arms
And hold you tight
'Cuz I don't want to be
Without you tonight

I don't know what you want
All I know is that I want you
I can't read your mind
Tho I've tried so hard to get through

I'm sure this is surprising
I tried not to let it show
But I'm tired of all the hiding
So I guess this is all about me
Trying to let you know that

I'm not sure about you
Or what you want from me
But these feelings inside are true
And I am finally starting to see
That what I need to do
Is take you in my arms
And hold you tight
'Cuz I don't want to be
Without you tonight.

Illusions and Delusions(Of the Second Kind)

You say you understand me
You think you know me so well
You can walk through my heaven
And trudge through my hell

How can I make you realize
How can I make you see
Even though, I do not know
The definition of me
I know that it's not
What you think me to be.

And if you can't accept that,
You can't be with me.


You ask how I am feeling
And how have I been dealing
Ever since we parted ways

You hope I wasn't sad
And that I didn't cry too bad
Have I been walking through a haze?

I don't know who you think you are
Or what you thought you meant to me
but the sun has set on those time
You need to finally see
That you may break my heart
But you won't take my pride
Because whatever we had
Long ago Died.


I am at a loss
I don't know what to do
Cuz no matter how he loves me
All I want is you

He's helped me conquer fears
He's weakened my resolve
He's wiped away my tears
This problem isn't easily solved

So I want to let you know
That the reason I am with him
Is because you never even showed
Your feelings, however great or dim

And I will always love you
And hold you in my heart
But I'm not gonna be with you
I need to make a new start.


You asked, and I said yes.
I was surprised, I must confess
now silence fills the darkened room
But my happiness fades the gloom

I think about what may go on
Maybe together we will face the dawn
Perhaps this moment will simply fade
My feelings for you...too long delayed

Yet my smile will not go away
This moment in my heart will stay
Nothing could ever change this mood
My mind's at peace and I am moved

By the tenderness you showed me
The shyness that I so rarely see
I was surprised, I must confess
When you asked, and I said yes.

Golden Chyld

I am the Golden Chyld
You can't be near me
But I lure you still

To have you with me
Would cost so much
I hear your sweet sigh
I long for your touch

I am the Golden Chyld
From me, thou art banned
Fate draws us too close

I feel you beside me
I'd love you to touch me
But in fear you leave
I wipe away the tears

for I am the Golden Chyld
You and I will never be
Goodbye, Dark Stranger.

Fallen Angel

There was a message when she came home
And though it wasn't very clear
She sort of got the feeling
It was one she wasn't supposed to hear.

'Said "Honey, last night was great,
I got this number from the clerk,"
And all she could think was
"That motherfucking jerk."

He has no clue what he's done
Now that he broke her heart
Her turn has just begun
And with a new start
She'll take to the skies

So she stole his Harley
An' went flying down the road
With her hair down around her
She lost her heavy load.

She didn't know where she was going
Just that she wasn't going slow
Maybe it was just the wind
That made those sparkling tears flow

He has no clue what he's done
He's making that fallen angel cry
Her flight has just begun
And with a little sigh
She'll take to the skies

She blew past the highway patrol
Going a little over 85
He looked in his mirror and thought
"That girl's on one hell of a ride."
The road ahead was dangerous
But she didn't have a single care
The world just flashed by
Her mind wasn't exactly there

He's gonna pay for what he's done
For breaking that girl's heart
Because the game has just begun
She's gonna make the start
And take to the skies

I'm not saying it was right
I'm not saying it was wrong
But she'll never be blamed
There were no witnesses that night

She saw her lover coming towards her
She didn't care if they lived or died.
So the she moved into his lane
And he went soaring off the side

And with a little smile
She turns and rides away
She's got the devil in her eyes
The fallen angel has gone astray

He paid for what he had done
And the angel fell from the sky
Her new life has just begun
Right now she's much too high
Just look up towards the sky...


Christmas lights are everywhere
The scent of winter fills the air.
But people don't stop to feel the night
They mill around to shop and gripe.

No one notices it's Christmas eve.
This is the time to laugh and give
A time to love, to hope and sing
The Christmas songs that used to ring.

Can you feel the magic of tonight?
When Santa Claus makes his flight
And blesses us all not with presents
We get those from friends, not presents.

But instead the gift he gives is new
and very few notice it too.
Instead they unwrap the gifts and sigh
They don't ever stop to see, by and by;

Christmas is dying every year.
Children lose faith in what is most dear.
But I still know what Christmas means.

So stop and look outside your door.
Tell all the people you love and adore
That it's Christmas eve, invite them in.
Listen to everyone, the noise and the din.

It makes you just want to sit down and cry.
Everyone just lets Christmas pass by
As a holiday to buy and get and that's it.
People these days don't seem to give a shit.

It makes me angry and it makes me sad
People don't realize the joy to be had.
To be with their family and friends
And love one another until the end.

If a child tells you there is no St. Nick,
Don't tell them they're right, be very quick
And tell them that Santa does live
He is inside us, that's why we give.

And if they believe, Santa will come
To fill everyone with goodness and love.
He has many faces, but try again to believe
Santa Claus will visit on this Christmas Eve.


Sometimes I feel alone,
But you draw me near,
Like the timid moth,
As it flies to the hypnotic flame.

Sometimes I feel confused,
But you cleanse my soul,
Like a crisp breeze,
Rustling through the leaves.

With you, the loneliness is gone.
When you hold me in your arms,
you whisper my name,
And I carry it with me always.

With you, the confusion is gone.
The world fades when you appear,
You whisper my name,
And I see everything in a new light.

You hold a special place in my soul,
With my heart in your hands.
You let my walls crumble on their own,
Never pushing, always waiting,
Giving me the control I blindly give you.
I Love You For It All.

The Senses: Touch

You are so close but I cannot touch you.
I feel trapped in a corner,
Lost and confused.
I want to be with you.
I want you to touch me.
I want you to hold me.
I want you to tell me I'm yours...
And yours alone.

Your words are music, but I cannot touch you.
I feel like I'm in a maze,
Trying to reach you.
I need to be with you.
I need you to touch me.
I need you to hold me.
I need you to tell me I'm yours...
And yours alone.

Please don't think I'm selfish.
I cannot change how I feel.
I certainly hope you feel the same.
I cannot know how you feel.
I cannot reach you.
I cannot touch you.

Walk Away

Words cannot describe how alone I feel.
Yet I cannot deny, an emotion this real.
You turned and walked, holding my heart.
You never smiled nor cried.
You never saw me start...

Towards the door to stop you, and hold you tight.
But I turned away from the truth.
Out of mind when out of sight.

Now you are gone.

Words cannot express how sad I am you left.
You took my love and pride, a master of the theft.
You promised to be faithful, you promised to be true.
Yet I feel so sadly dismal, because I know what you will do.

You will find another and promise to be true
But you will never love her
As much as I have loved you.


This is one letter I hope I never send.
I pray this is the one love that will never end.
You keep me so close, yet hold me at bay.
My love is with you, but I fear your heart will stray.

What can I say but "I love you my dear"?
What can I do but hold you close and near?
What can I think but of all my deepest fears?

This is one letter I hoped to never read.
I knew the end was coming, I knew you would do the deed.
You let me think you loved me, You let me think it was real.
You left me in the darkness, now I don't know how to feel.

What can I say but "Why all of this strife?"
What can I do but pick up the knife?
What can I think but of the last moments of my life?


You wanna play it tough?
I've got no problems with that.
You wanna take it rough?
You don't have the skills,
Too busy paying bills.
Your life has lost it's thrill -fool.
You aren't hot,
And you aren't cool,
so sit back and relax.
Lemme tell you about the facts
So listen close
You're gonna overdose.
You can't handle what I'm sayin',
I'm not trippin or playin'.
What I'm saying is for real.
You gotta know the deal,
If you wanna play the game.
You're looking for fame,
But you're gonna go down.
See it crashing all around?
The hole is too deep,
And you are fast asleep.
Took too many pills for the pain?
So let me make it plain.
You can't win cuz it's not in you.
No matter what you say or do.
The deal is never gonna go through.

Untitled Love

I cannot touch you.
For the feel of your skin on mine
Makes my skin tingle and my heart flutter.

I cannot look into your eyes.
For what I see reflected there
Makes me forget how to breathe.

Yet I would give my last breath
To be held by your arms,
To have your eyes locked with mine,
To taste your sweet kiss,
To lie beside you in the dark of night.
I can give you nothing.

All that I have, it has been taken;
When you stole my heart.


Red hot fires
Temper my desires
It rages through me.
I am forced to submit
To flames of burning Passion;
I dare not ask for refuge
For fear it may come.
There is no hope for rescue,
The damage has been done.
I feared it for so long
Thinking I would burn
To ashes,
Scattered by a cool wind.
But the fire burns on
Forever without End.

Body, Heart, and Soul

You come to me like a whisper,
Spilling your dark secrets,
Seducing me with your words.
I cannot turn away from you.
You overwhelm my senses
And I am helpless to escape.

You slide into my dreams
Like a soft shadow in my mind,
And there you work your magic,
Leaving me spellbound.
I long for those dreams
To become sweet realities.

My body craves your touch.
My lips beg for the sweet taste
From the nectar of your kiss.
I want you all around me.
I want you within me.
My breath quickens at the sight of you;
My heart beat increases
With the mention of your name.

These secrets I cannot tell you.
They must be taken by force.
The force or your heartbeat in my ear,
The force of your breath on my neck,
The force of your flaming skin next to mine.

You are my thoughts, you walk in my dreams.
I can no longer deny what you demand.
I give you my body, my heart, and my soul.

My Love

I would say that my love for you
Glows bright like the burning sun.
Yet it would leave you cold and alone
On stormy days and dark nights.

I could compare my love to you
Like the sweet blossom on a rose.
But the rose soon withers and wilts,
Leaving no trace of past beauty.

Perhaps my love is just like a fire,
Raging and full of burning passion.
Yet all flames eventually perish
When the skyís tears fall

There is nothing in this world
So perfect or immortal as my love to you.
My love will compfort you on stormy days.
My love rests beside you during the dark nights.
My love will never wilt, but continue to blossom.
My love will weep for your tears.
My love is eternal, and it is yours.

Dream Dancer

You are a shadow,
Always with me.
You walk through my dreams.
You extend your hand to me.
We travel to the corners
Of the world,
When my eyes open.
My hands brushes
My pillow,
Searching for your warmth.
I realize it was a dream.
Trying desperately to sleep;
The sorrow is too great.
I get out of bed,
Praying for the day
To go by quickly,
So we may dance

Definition of Love

Love was
A word,
An emotion.
Then I experienced
Your love.
Love is
A force,
An explosion.
Love is
A part of my life.
You are
A part of me.