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You ever had one of those moments... maybe in a grocery store, where you go to the meat section and you find a "Whole, Cut Up Chicken"? Or you ponder the "No Passing Zone" sign as you drive down a road with a double yellow line in the middle? If you have, this is the place for you. This is the Rants, Raves,& Spout-Offs section, where I will go into great detail to anwer the most important questions of life, like The Chicken vs. Egg controversy, The Gas Tax, and other great dillemas. I also have a section on things that piss me off.
(O) The Chicken or the Egg?
(O) The Gas Tax
(C) Why Women are Better than Men
(O) Why Men are Better than Women
(O) Price Check(Grocery Stores)
(O) Wal-Mart
Automobile Drivers (C)
Telemarketers (C)
Telephones (C)
Commercials (O)
The Cost of Living Today (C)
Talk Shows (C)
Things that Piss me Off (O)
(O) - original (C) - under construction (N) - new!