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The Gas Tax...

What's up with that 9???

This really bothers me. Next time you go to buy gas, pay attention to the advertised price. It's something like $1.199. The extra nine is tax. Which means the price is relly $1.20. You don't walk around with 9/10ths pennies. You have whole pennies. So why can't they give us a whole price?? Because they are MORONS, and because we just go along with it, WE BECOME MORONS, TOO.

What is this extra "9" really saving us? One penny for every 10 gallons. Lets say your car holds 15 gallons. You save 1 and a half cents on every fill up. So, to save one dollar on gas, you have to fill up... 66.7 times! And if the average price is $1.199, you are saving one dollar for every $1200 you spend on gas. Is it worth it?? HELL NO! So why fool ourselves? Why tolerate the extra "9"? This must stop! It is the root of all evil!

Beware the "9". It is the Mark of the Beast!