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Grocery Stores

There should be a rule about grocery stores: "Every grocery store must have the same type of products in the same aisles of every store, no matter who owns it." This rule should be federally enforced, and punishable by napalm. I hate going into a grocery store and playing Scavenger Hunt to find the peanut butter. It's evil. You normally go to the same grocery store. You know where everything is. And then, one day, you are forced to go to a different store. And you have no DAMN CLUE where anything is. You have to find a bagger that's stadning around watching 4 cashiers without baggers and wondering what to do, and drag him around the store to find everything. It's horrible. That's why stores need to be exactly the same. Not so much in the products they carry, but where they put them. Or at least, all the Kitty Chows (Food Lions) should be the same, all the Safeways should be the same, and so on.

This is especcially important for married women or women living with their significant other.

Men have no sense about grocery stores. (Unless they are bachelors, or do the grocery shopping on a normal basis.) If you know your store, you just write down on the list:

  • Potatoes (far right of the store, at the end)
  • Coffee (aisle 3, left side)
  • Shampoo (Big middle section, right side)
  • Orange Juice (The Beer Aisle, on the other end)

Why? Because men can't remember where things are in a grocery store, except basic items like milk, bread, and toilet paper. Now, I'm not knocking the men here, females are the same way when you send us to ACE Hardware, Lowes, or Home Depot. You know that the Craftsman Power Drill 5000 is in the 12th aisle, 3/4th of the way down on the left hand side, third shelf on the bottom. We have NO CLUE. But I digress.

To make a long story even longer...GROCERY STORES SHOULD ALL BE THE SAME.