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I have problems with Wal-Mart. (I HEARD THAT!, And yes, I know I just have problems.) Wal-Mart is ruining America. Everything you need is in one store. Groceries, clothes, home furnishings, kitchen stuff, tools, gardening supplies, school supplies, craft supplies, beauty and health products, EVERYTHING! Every single thing that you could want is in the damn place, catagrized by department. Do we catagorize our lives by department? NO. Do we live in one place, and never go anywhere else? NO. So why do we tolerate this? Wal-Mart even has a hair salon, movie rentals, eyeglasses shop, and a FREAKING McDONALD'S!!!!!!! AHHHHHHH! This is insane!

What will future Wal-Mart's be like? Need a physical? Health Maintainance department. Dog grooming services? Pet pampering department. Also offers veterinary services. Need an orgasm? Pleasure department, Aisle 2. Need a kid? Don't get pregnant and carry one around for nine months, WAL-MART has what you need!! We have babies, toddlers, and kindergardners. Different colors and styles to choose from, ask about our potty-training guarantee!

My point being, if we are so lazy that we have to rely on one FREAKING store to provide us with everything we need, we are sad, sad individuals. Don't be a conformist. Don't be lazy. Go to different stores to get what you need. Wal-Mart is the downfall of America.