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A Letter


I find myself at a loss of what to write to you. How can I put into words, the feelings you conjure, and the tantalizing visuals you produce in my head? How can I write a fantasy, knowing it will never be exactly what I want, because I orchestrate it, rather than we? When my lips brush yours, would you lightly stroke the nape of my neck with your fingers? Or would you suck my lower lip, asking without words to gain entrance so that your tongue could find my own? Perhaps youíd demand, rather than ask, pulling me tightly against you until my body is crushed against yours, your mouth devouring my own with no apology.

Each action can in turn set off its own chain of possible reactions, which would in turn set off different responses from me... the possibilities are quite frankly endless my darling. Endless. Letís return to that simple, innocent kiss.

My lips brush yours, lightly, teasingly. Your fingers curl to the nape of my neck, stroking the fine hairs until I feel small shocks of electricity. Gasping, my lips part and you seize the moment, your tongue stroking my lip, coaxing my mouth to open more. Your hands slip down my back, softly tracing the curve of my sides, the tiny indentation of my spine. I exhale slowly, my breath warm on you as my tongue dances tentatively with yours, a game of cat and mouse Ė meeting, retreating, but always returning. My hands cup your jaw, thumbs lightly caressing your cheeks as we both close our eyes, lost in a moment that has become an eternity of tenderness.

My lips brush yours, lightly, teasingly. Your teeth catch my lower lip, sucking it playfully. Rather than pull away, I press my lips more firmly against yours, coaxing your teeth apart with my tongue. My hands glide restlessly along your chest, unfastening the buttons in their wake until my fingers soothingly slide against your unrestricted skin. As my tongue swirls against yours my fingers bite lightly into your hips, pulling the evidence of your arousal against my abdomen, where each shift in my movement brushes against you intimately. Our mouths part and my lips move of their own volition along your neck, seeking the hollow of your throat. I hear the soft groan of approval just as I feel the shiver of your voice directly against my lips. My tongue strokes the spot lazily before moving to the side of your neck. My teeth scrape your skin as I suck lightly, tasting you and then bathing the spot in soft tender kisses.

Iím sorry baby, I got carried away there. This is supposed to be an informative demonstration of my point about the possibilities, isnít it? I momentarily forgot, and Iíll try to not let it happen again.

My lips brush yours, lightly, teasingly. Your growl in response causes my heart to leap, and before I can think, your mouth is hot against mine, demanding entrance with such a force I have no option but to concede. Your hands snake around me, grasping my backside and pulling me roughly against you. There is no thought but your taste, your scent, the feeling of your thickening manhood pressing through your pants as if it is mocking the flimsy material of my skirt. Your hands ride higher, sliding underneath my blouse and along my back. My hands grip your shoulders helplessly, and I feel needful, wanton. Your hands stop momentarily at my sides, your thumbs tracing the underside of my breasts and a faint grunt of approval as you find I am only clothed by the shirt. I feel your muscles clench beneath my hands and somewhere mixed in with the sound of my blood thundering in my ears come the rip of cloth, the pop of buttons.

Drowning against you, in you, I wrench my head free with a gasp for air, trying to clear my overloaded senses. Before the breath fills my lungs, it escapes in a moan as you lower your head to my exposed breasts, your mouth fastened to my nipple. Your tongue flicks harshly against the sensitive nub, a tortuous pleasure conceived to once again banish any logical thought from my mind, replacing it with a pure, almost primal, feeling. A desolate sigh leaves my dry lips as you relinquish your possession of my breast. Within moments your shirt is off and my hands aimlessly roam your back, stroking every muscle, every shift and plane in your flesh. You pick me up and deposit me without fanfare on the counter, lowering your head once more to my other breast before I can utter a word. Your lips and tongue circle the rigid peak of my nipple, driving me to distraction as I shift restlessly, trying to coax you into sucking my nipple. Cool stone chills my flushed skin. I tilt my head down, watching you, and realize youíve pulled my skirt up to my waist without ceremony. Your eyes catch mine and hold them, a silent challenge reflected there. You continue to watch me as your mouth finally hovers over the painfully hard nipple, lightly brushing your lips against it. My eyes flutter shut and the sensations instantly stop, and as my eyes open once more I watch you, watching me.

Your tongue flicks once and a strangled moan escapes my throat, but my eyes remain riveted to yours. Your teeth scrape lightly and I shudder, watching you intently with what I know is a pleading stare. You finally concede and I am swept away again as molten heat spreads through me with each suck and scrape of your mouth. My nails rake down your back, my thumbs hooking into your waistband and pushing your pants down in a frenzy. Another thick moan wavers in the air as I feel your rigid erection break free, resting hotly against my thigh. I squirm uncontrollably, desperately, until you grab my hips and pull me forward. Unable to do anything but support myself, my hands go behind me, holding myself up as you guide my hips to the very edge of the counter, my body positioned like some ancient carnal offering. The only warning is the quick nip of your teeth against my nipple as you thrust into me.

My head falls back with abandon, my muscles tense and my skin damp with frustration and need. Your mouth feeds on me insatiably, from breast to neck, shoulder to breast once more, while your unrelenting thrusts push you to my very core. My legs curl around your hips, my heels digging into your backside, urging you deeper still. I am helpless to do more than watch, my eyes half open in a haze, clouded by perspiration. I see the beads slowly slide down your forehead, mingling with the fine sheen on my chest. Your thrusts become impossibly faster, until I cannot see a difference in our bodies. The sound of our hoarse breathing and accelerated hearts seem to match perfectly. Is it your sudden moan that fills the air, or mine?

An eternity passes before I realize that every thrust tears some strange guttural sound from my throat, each one rising in pitch until itís nearly a scream. My muscles clench around velvet steel as wave after wave of piercing ecstasy wash through me, shaking my entire body, my muscles clenched tightly around your throbbing manhood, refusing to allow me peace until youíve gone with me. Distantly, I hear your strangled cry, my name and yours mingled into one strange sound until I realize we are calling each other simultaneously. I feel you erupt inside me, and I peak a wave of pure erotic heat, spiraling out of control. Your hips sink into mine and finally still, your chest collapsing onto me just as my arms finally give and I sink back, my nearly charred flesh soothed by the cool marble counter. Weakly my arms wrap around you, unable to do more than breathe. A long, peaceful silence lies around us, interrupted only by our heavy breathing and pounding hearts.

... I really must apologize. Iíve forgotten what this letter is about. I had a point... but I forgot it. Right now my only desire is to have you close to me, to explore the endless possibilities.

Forever yours.