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Through the steamy mist I watch your dark fingers as they knead the white cloth, producing a thick foam. You scrub your face and I smile as you sink back into the water. Your face relaxes and your eyes shut as the stream caresses your cheeks, sliding down your neck and shoulders. You turn and I cannot help but envy this stream as it ripples down your back.

Taking the cloth from your grasp I begin to lather your skin, my hands massaging your neck and shoulders. Your slick skin offers no resistance as my fingers play down your spine. Vigorous scrubs of the cloth against your back dissolves into the warm sensation of skin against skin as I press against you and slide up and down your body, sometimes with my breasts crushed against you and then distancing myself so that only my nipple brush against your skin. A smile of satisfaction flits across my lips as your hands, which were previously pressed flat against the wall, now clench into fists at my teasing. Only the knowledge of your inability to be passive for long causes me to cease. I kneel, running the cloth down your legs, pressing my nails lightly into your thighs just to feel you squirm. Then, pushing you gently into the spray, the water rushes the suds away. You turn and pull me roughly into your arms, the proof of your arousal ground into my belly as you kiss me. My tongue is devoured by your mouth as my arms slip around your neck, my hips grinding into yours.

Reluctantly breaking away, I soap your arms and chest, dragging my fingers across your stomach. Abruptly I drop to my knees, washing your feet and legs as I creep higher. My tedious pace brings my to your thighs, the muscles tense as I slide the cloth along your skin. I cover my palm with the cloth and cradle your balls, kneading you gently with my fingers. My hand surrounds your cock and I stroke the length of it with the cloth, soliciting a groan from your lips. Still kneeling, I grasp your hips and press you into the water once more, watching in captivation as the foamy suds wash down your body. Impatiently I pull you to me once more, nuzzling my lips against your thigh. My mouth skims along your skin until I reach your engorged cock. My tongue darts along your skin, licking away the beads of moisture at the base of your erection. Delving lower, I timidly brush my lips against your scrotum and your hands press firmly into my shoulders in response. Tense but encouraged, I snake my tongue along your balls, very carefully exploring the texture and taste of your skin.

Thickly you growl the word, “More.” I hesitate briefly and take your balls in my mouth, swirling my tongue around them and then retreat to your swollen cock. I trace my tongue along the protruding veins, flicking the ridge of the head quickly and then wandering down to the base and up once more. Your salty taste greets me as I kiss the tip. Sensing your impatience, I take your erection in my mouth, my self conscious worry over any lack of grace lost in your subtle groan of approval. The alteration of my tongue and teeth along your shaft stirs your senses. I feel you grow impossibly hard in my mouth as I suck you, your distinct musk fusing with the steam and permeating my senses. I release my own groan of delight as my tongue enthusiastically caresses you. I hear your sharp intake of breath and feel your firm tug on my hair, pulling my back up and lifting me into another ferocious kiss.

Intoxicated by your scent and taste I lean heavily against you as you turn me closer to the spray. Drowsily, I admire the curve of your flesh as you retrieve the neglected cloth, shivering with delight as you drag it across my neck and shoulders. My skin burns as you follow my arms to my fingers, washing me with the utmost care. The cloth caresses my chest and stomach, transforming into the slippery sweetness of soapy fingers against my breasts. I watch your hands, mesmerized as they cup and knead my flesh, arousing my nipples to attention. A stream of warm water ripples soothingly down my back as you leave my breasts and slide the cloth down my hips. I squirm as your fingers tease the curls of my pubic hair as you soap my abdomen and thighs. My knees go weak as you run the cloth along my legs and feet. I sink back into the waster as the suds run down my body.

Your lips graze my breast, nuzzling and teasing as your fingers tighten around my hips. My back arches, urging you closer as your tongue encircles my nipple, followed by a tremble as your thumb brushes by my folds and rubs my clit. Your finger enters me and my hips thrust out to meet your hand. I moan through tightly pressed lips at the scrape of your teeth as your mouth clamps around my nipple, trying desperately to still my hips as you thrust into me with a second finger. Melting, lost in the sensations until you suddenly withdraw, a whimper lodged in my throat as your turn my away from you. I feel the cloth once more, fiercely scrubbing my back, and I brace my hands against the wall, feeling deliciously light headed. The warmth spreads through my skin as you brush gently against my buttocks and thighs. Your nails scratch playfully into my thighs before descending to my legs. I lean into the water, my back arching as the water rinses the soap away. I move to turn but your hand presses firmly into my back, beckoning stillness.

I feel your lips as they press against the back of my knee, and a tremor of electricity jolts through me. Your teeth scrape along my thigh and remember to breathe. Inhaling sharply as you nip at the tender skin, exhaling in a soft sigh when your open mouth rests on the small of my back. More tingles of pleasure spread through me when your lips glide up my spine, coming to rest at the back of my neck. As I lean back against you I feel your cock slide against my thigh; I turn my head, searching and finally meeting your lips as my tongue is hopelessly lost in your mouth. Your hands slide around my hips and clutch at my belly as we kiss, your mouth devouring mine. You swallow my moan as you slip only the tip of your cock inside me. I tense, frozen in anticipation at this unexpected entry, seconds becoming like hours as my awareness is overcome by the steam, your mouth, and your cock barely nudging against me. After what seems an eternity, I push against you, gaining only an inch before your fingers tighten around my hips, holding me still. I groan in frustration as you slightly withdraw. You thrust slowly, sometimes giving me a taste more or a bit less, until soon I lose track of each gain and lost, transfixed by your minute movements. My breath comes quickly and I break away from your lips, biting my tongue to refrain from pleading with you.

“Tell me what you want,” comes your playful husky whisper. My growl in reply only entices you to torture me further. The game continues until each sensation of friction from your shallow movements brings a moan from my lips, and my head dips forward as I murmur “Please.” Your pace only quickens by a second as you hiss, “Louder.” Your hand releases its hold on my hip and I feel your thumb press against my clit. Tossing my head back, this time the word “please” seems to echo across the room, instantly gratified with your deep, powerful thrust inside me as your thumb alternately presses and rubs my clit. Your grip loosens on my hip and I match your pace. I move one hand from the wall and reach to your backside, squeezing your flesh at every penetration. Your hand slides from my hip to my breast, kneading it as I squeeze you. Feeling your breath at me ear I turn and kiss you once more, so that our mouths, hips, and hands are synchronized in our intimate rhythm. Our beat slowly increases in tempo, our mouths meeting and parting through lusty pants for air. I feel you tense and thrust back against you, clenching myself around your cock. I flex as you groan, pressing roughly against you and squeezing tightly as you moan in release. You can continue to thrust against me and sharply squeeze my nipples, and as your mind clears, you focus your attention on the swollen nub beneath your thumb. I feel the heat of climax spread through me and cry out softly, releasing my grip on you to brace myself against the wall. Eyes closed and on trembling legs I finally drop my hands and reluctantly pull away from you, turning and nearly melting into your arms. Time stand still as we stand locked in this sweet embrace, until finally we realize the hot water fading. Quickly between tender kisses finish washing ourselves and retreat from the shower. Wrapped in towels we make our way to the bed, discarding them on the floor to slip between the sheets and into each other’s arms.